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We are an Interior Designing &

Home Decor Store in Pune

, Maharashtra. We offer modern and well-made things to decorate your home in a pleasant and attractive manner. Delivering high-quality products to customers in accordance with our promises is our only priority.

Decor Studio

are the leading importer and distributor of Carpets, Floor Coverings & Wallpapers, Blinds, Glass films that amplify and accentuate the grandeur of your homes, because we believe that Every person deserves a home filled with magnificent wallpaper, couches, carpets, and other furnishings. Our site offers a wide variety of cutting-edge, classic, and trendy home decorative items Because this is the cornerstone to our ascendancy. Apart from the exceptional quality, we truly deliver unique and one-of-a-kind products to all our clients.

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Our Working Process

  • Creating a Concept
  • Budget Planning
  • Design Process
  • Building Your Dream
Delivering innovative interiors for the manner the client wants to live, is always our guiding principle. Our skill set must include the ability to comprehend and interpret the aesthetic and lifestyle requirements of our clients so that the design reflects their unique lifestyle, preferences, and objectives.
Our expert staff analyzes the specifications and needs of our customer before recommending the best items within the proper price range to ensure that the customized product is appropriate.
We design or tailor products for our customers based on their needs in order to meet their demands and provide them with satisfactory outcomes.
Decor studio has a team of specialists who have come to your assistance to adorn your space with your ideas, to boost and glam it up.

Your Dream House

We offer a range of purpose-built curtains, blinds, sofas, mattresses and much more to enhance the look of your commercial and residential spaces.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What curtains are in style for 2022? + Favored keeping with a more minimalist approach to drapes, cleaner, earthier colors are in for 2022. Choose drapes in neutral hues like cream, white, or slate gray instead of curtains that are patterned or colorful. Use olive, forest green, or deep blue if you want to be even more natural. .
Which type of sofa is long lasting? + Leather couches are incredibly resilient and only get prettier with time. Additionally, leather has a good level of odor resistance, and most spills and stains can be quickly cleaned up with a cloth. Although scratches on leather can be more noticeable, they can typically be removed by buffing.
Is it a good idea to put wallpaper in the bedroom? + The best method to upgrade your bedroom is with a stylish wallpaper. In addition to making a space stand out, the correct wallcovering can also accentuate or hide features, give the impression that the area is smaller or larger, and add visual interest.
What type of flooring is best for kitchens? + For spaces that are frequently wet, like kitchens and bathrooms, tile is a popular choice. Tiles made of ceramic, porcelain, and stone are popular options for kitchen floors. To fit virtually any design theme, tile is available in a wide range of sizes, colors, and patterns.
What type of blind is best for home? + The greatest window coverings for privacy are those that fully block out light. Numerous materials, including leather, metal, and cloth, can be used to create them. Select venetian blinds or honeycomb shades for greater seclusion. With venetian blinds, you can regulate the amount of light that enters your space.
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