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. With the push of a button, control light and privacy in your home with ease. Enjoy the convenience, safety and style of our automated curtains and revolutionize your home decor! Experience a whole new level of comfort and convenience with Our unique and classy automatic Motorized will give your home that extra bit of sophistication and style you're looking for. motorized curtains – no more tedious manual effort required!

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.The components and motor in our motorized curtains are of the highest caliber. Our motorized curtains operate effectively while consuming the least amount of electricity. You can rely on us for the

best motorized curtains


Frequently Asked Questions

What are motorized curtains ? + Motorized curtains bring any home personality and convenience. Motorized curtains provide you complete control over the amount of privacy and light you let into your room, in contrast to conventional, manually pulled curtains. Motorized curtains use an operating system and electric curtain tracks.
How long do motorized blinds last ? + Depending on usage, motorized blinds typically last between 5 to 10 years. Your usage frequency can also affect how long your blinds or drapes last.
How does a motorized curtain work ? + Electric blinds and curtains operate similarly, with the exception that the motor draws and closes the curtains rather than raising and lowering the blinds. Like other curtain rails, the curtain rails are installed. The rails themselves are motorized, enabling simple button presses to pull the curtains.
What are the advantages of using motorized curtains? +
  • Adds convenience
  • Enhances home privacy and security
  • Improves energy efficiency
  • Upgrades home aesthetics
  • Cost-effective solution
How to use motorized curtains? +
  • Simply fasten the main unit to your existing curtain rod without the use of screws or bolts, and you're ready to go!
  • You may pull back your curtains with the Touch & Go feature, the iOS or Android app, or by using your voice to control them.
  • For better sleep and a more natural wake-up, set timers and let the built-in light sensor open or close your curtains.
  • Where can I get motorized curtains? + The best curtain store in Pune is Decor Studio. Our motorized curtains are made with the highest-quality parts and motors. Our motorized curtains use only the smallest amount of electricity while yet functioning properly. We offer the greatest motorized curtains, so you can rely on us.

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