Due to the hot climate in India, it's essential to carefully select your decking and professionally install it to create a successful garden deck. Visit Decor studio to inquire about the several wood species, colors, and installation choices available to ensure that you receive the decking that's best for you.

For the following reasons, you might decide to construct the

Types of deck flooring

or composite decking :
  • Great natural setting with easy access and a relaxing atmosphere for the      whole family
  • With this grill, gatherings and barbecues are simple.
  • Increases the allure of any garden environment.
  • For a wide range of problems, there are numerous solutions.
  • Decor studio is a leading

    Deck Flooring store in Pune

    . We have installed many different types of wood and composite

    wooden decking in India

    , and we are aware of each material's advantages and disadvantages. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us to talk about your decking requirements.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What type of flooring is best for the deck ? + Composite deck outdoor flooring is one of the most reliable outdoor patio flooring options. It's durable, easy to clean, weather-resistant, and eco-friendly.
      Here's the list once again :
    • Poured concrete.
    • Concrete pavers.
    • Brick pavers.
    • Porcelain.
    • Ceramic.
    • Composite wood decking.
    • Traditional wood decking.
    • Artificial grass.
    Is deck flooring waterproof ? + Water Resistant and Anti-Slip: Even if water spills on these deck tiles, it will pass through the holes and gather beneath the tile before evaporating. It's completely hassle-free! The tiles are extremely long-lasting and will not warp, fracture, split, or bend.
    What are decks made of ? + Natural wood decking uses pressure treated or untreated wood lumber. Pressure treated boards go through a process that enhances the wood's natural ability to resist pests, mold, mildew and temperature and humidity changes. Composite decking boards are made from a blend of recycled wood fibers and recycled plastics.
    Can deck tiles be placed on dirt ? + You will be pleased to learn that, YES, outdoor deck and patio tiles can be easily installed on uneven ground, grass and dirt. They can be used as a permanent, temporary or even portable outdoor floor.
    What are the advantages of using deck flooring? + Decking has the benefit of requiring little maintenance, which enables it to last for many years without needing to be stained, treated, sanded, or painted. Since most floor tiles are UV-resistant and most plastic and rubber patio pavers are mold- and mildew-resistant, you can use them for many years to come.
    What are the benefits of using deck flooring? + In the long run, decking sheets provide numerous operational, strategic, and financial benefits. Some of them are listed below. Tensile steel for composite slab construction reduces the deadweight of the building and the thickness of the slab, which greatly lowers the cost of construction.
    Who is the best supplier for deck flooring? + Leading Deck Flooring retailer in Pune is Decor Studio. We have installed a wide variety of wood and composite decking types in India, and we are familiar with the benefits and drawbacks of each type of material. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your decking needs.

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