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01 June 2023

1.Cover The Walls

The most traditional application of wallpaper is to cover all of the walls in a room. To make it work, forget about the garish patterns of the 1970s and the delicate florals of the 1980s and think in terms of modern colors, patterns, and styles. In certain areas, a bold, graphic paper can look fantastic covering all of the walls, yet in others, a simple pattern or texture can add subtle interest.

2.Cover Half The Wall

Wallpapering the top or bottom half of a wall is a terrific technique to achieve the appearance without dominating the room. This is another aesthetic that was prominent in previous decades, although it may still be found in traditional-styled homes. A typical option is to use paper on the top half of the wall and paneling on the lower half. It's a timeless look that will never go out of fashion.

3.Install Two Wallpapers On One Wall

Covering the top half of a wall with one piece of paper and the bottom half with another creates a truly intriguing and bold aesthetic. This is a difficult style to pull off, but when done correctly, it can look great. Consider contrasting patterns such as stripes and toile, or badge and damask, in bright colors if you want something truly bold. Look for tone-on-tone designs that are simple and similar in the topic for something more subtle. Because this is a bold appearance, be mindful of the other colors and patterns you use in the room. All of the patterns should round one another rather than compete with one another.

4.Create A Feature Wall

A wallpapered showcase wall is a wonderful way to establish or improve an existing focal point. It draws the eye in and makes a noticeable feature. When it comes to wallpaper, you can go strong or subtle; just make sure it does not compete with any other major element in the room. ( When there is more than one focal point, the eye gets confused and it creates a sensation of confusion). Install wallpaper on the wall behind the television, fireplace, or any other area where the eye is naturally drawn.

5.Wallpaper The Cieling

People frequently forget to glance up. Ceilings are typically painted a plain white and then left alone until a leak or break requires attention. still, the ceiling, or fifth wall as some refer to it, presents an excellent opportunity to experiment with wallpaper and create a one-of-a-kind aesthetic. However, you might as well go all out and pick something ornate or bold, If you are going to go this path. Do not waste your time on anything subtle. This isn't a recommended DIY project because the installation is delicate and you must guarantee that it doesn't bubble or peel. Hire a professional installation to get the job done perfectly the first time.

6.Decoupage Furniture

Consider adding wallpaper to a piece of furniture if you want to upcycle an old item or add a little flair to something simple. This looks well on objects with clean lines and simple silhouettes( not too many angles), similar to cases of snuggeries or console tables. Remember that the paper does not have to be patterned; textured wallpaper, such as seagrass, can offer just the perfect amount of interest.

7.Decor The Inside Of A Bookcase

An open bookcase is a perfect area to use wallpaper to add a little aesthetic flair. Cover the backs of open shelves with a lovely design that complements your room instead of leaving them naked. Cutting out pieces of foam core to fit each nook and applying the wallpaper straight to them is an easy way to accomplish this. That way, you are not directly attaching paper to the piece of furniture, and you can quickly remove it if you get tired of the pattern.

8.Hang Wallpaper As Art

However, consider framing a sample piece and placing it on the wall, If you want to utilize a unique wallpaper but can not afford a large design. This is an excellent approach to include the pattern without the time and price associated with traditional operations. Another comparable system is to hang a long piece and insert dowels at either end to create the appearance of a scroll. These wall hangings are highly attractive and require little effort.

9.Wallpaper A Lampshade

Applying wallpaper on a basic lampshade to add a little captivation is a great idea. It may offer quick flair and is incredibly simple to use. Simply cut the paper to size and put it on the lampshade with a spray adhesive. Applying wallpaper to the inside of the shade is another option that's a little more subtle but still a lot of fun. It does not have the same impact as the shade's exterior, but it's a nice small decorative addition.

10.Break Away From Boring Bathroom

The days of everyone's bathroom being white on white are long gone. Color, patterns, and texture are coming back into style thanks to our wallpaper brands, which are doing away with the antiseptic bathrooms you are probably sick of seeing. Tropical prints and rich greens are trendy choices for restroom wallpaper right now, with lush leafy patterns evoking a rainforest in your house.

11.Decorate Your Drawers

Another interesting technique to add color to the area is to line the sides of drawers with designs. This secret's color is only visible when the drawers are opened and is an excellent starting point if you are not sure how to apply patterns in your space. Check that the wallpaper doesn't interfere with the functionality of your drawers; if the paper is too thick, have your drawers slightly filed down to allow for more wriggle room. still, line the bottoms! This provides your furniture with an intriguing dimension and something exciting to gaze at while performing day-to-day duties If wallpapering the sides of your drawers is not going to work.

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