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21 December 2022

What is the difference between Wallpaper and Paint ?

Your home's interiors complete it. While having the appropriate furniture is crucial, nothing will appear complete without good walls. It makes a tremendous difference to your home's look whether you employ paint or wallpaper. When decorating your home, start with the walls. Prior to selecting a color scheme, you must consider what will be shown on your walls. Both wallpaper and paint have advantages and disadvantages. Decor studio is a leading

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and we help you choose your wallpaper and your choice is a significant one. Making the wrong decision could result in a costly error that you'll have to live with every day. In this wallpaper vs. paint comparison, we look at a few variables that can help you determine what you can choose.

Following are the difference between Wallpaper and Paint
The variety

If you want to give your home a distinctive style, variety in colors and finishes is a big plus. Thankfully, there is a wide selection of wallpaper or paint available. Which is better in India?

Wallpaper is also offered in a vast collection of shades and designs, from stylish classical motifs to vivacious modern patterns. Additionally, wallpaper is available in a variety of finishes, including vinyl, fabric, foil printing, embossed textures, suede, and others.

Every color under the sun is accessible as paint, so you can mix and match to your heart's desire. Paint may provide beautiful effects that dramatically change the appearance of any Indian home when used in conjunction with the many different texturing methods currently in use.


A wall can only be painted after being fully prepped. It is a hectic task to paint over damaged or cracked wallpaper because you will need to cover those areas with primer and sand them before painting. Fixing the damage or flaw could take a considerable amount of time.

Wallpaper hides a number of surface flaws by fitting to walls easily and smoothly. This is especially treasured in older homes or rooms with damaged walls. Larger holes and uneven surfaces must be filled and sanded. Before installation, all current wallpaper must be taken down. You or a pro can carry out the installation.


When applied properly, high-quality wall paint can last up to five years. Nevertheless, paint tends to fade and flake in locations that receive a lot of traffic and direct sunshine. Retouching will therefore be required after around three years, and possibly even sooner for paints in lighter colors.

On the other side, wallpaper will be your constant companion. Experts claim that a single wallpaper application on Indian walls lasts for roughly 15 years when comparing

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and we provide

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. Wallpaper is not impervious to tearing, though. Any mistake will need you to start over with the entire stripping and pasting procedure, which takes longer than repainting.


You must be wondering what is the price of

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india or even paints or even which is

cheaper wallpaper or paints? . So your answer is if you

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and install it, wallpaper will be a little costlier but it will be durable and can last for 15 years , while pains can be cheap if you buy a local quality paint and the color of the paint can also start fading faster.

More Aesthetic

You may effectively improve the aesthetic appeal of your rooms by using

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of your rooms and even kitchen wallpapers are also used In offices , restaurants and cafes . Create gorgeous backdrops for your furniture with textured paints or eye-catching

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. Bring your unique style to any space by letting your imagination run wild.

Wallpapers have different types of designs and creative shapes but paints are mostly plain.

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